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WOMEN. LIFE. Beyond Words Literary Magazine, Issue 30

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WOMEN. LIFE. A publication that is all about Women's voices, strengths and choices.

Featuring literary works by Paris Kissel, Kat Freeze, Tanja Hester, Ruth Towne, Emma Karnes, Taylor Stafford, Gemma Campanini, Ellen Aronofsky Cole, Katie Jones, Sharnta Bullard, Samantha Wright, Jennifer Cox, Taneesh Kaur, Susannah Winters Simpson, S. Marie Watkins, Dick Altman, Pernille AEgidius Dake, Ava R, Julianne Webster, Janessa Wells, Sabrina Spence, Michelle Olivier, H.C. Gildfind, Ashley Andrews and Diana Raab.

Visual art: Nina Paulovicova (Cover), Sandy Jian, Lauralee Sikorski, Shawna L. Swetech, Nicole Cullinan and Mariam Matta. Photography by Sebastian Böttcher.

Editor: Gal Slonim
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