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The Fly & Odor

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By Colby Flade

In a small town where it has rained each day for the last month, a fly burrows deep into someone's ear, and never comes out...

Strange things happen after a woman gives birth to her daughter in the dead of night while her husband is away...

About the author:

Colby Flade (he/him) is a queer writer, artist, avid drinker of coffee, and student based in Chicago, Illinois. He is the author of The Smell of the Light Blue House in Summertime (2021), Menthol (2022), and Short Sweet Simple: Love Poems (Bottlecap Press, 2022). His poetry, prose & visual art pieces have appeared/are forthcoming in The Oyez Review, Beyond Words Literary Magazine, Beyond Queer Words, Wild Roof Journal, Drunk Monkeys, The Bookends Review, The Closed Eye Open, and elsewhere. Flade attended DePaul University, studying Writing, Rhetoric & Discourse, and is currently pursuing a degree in Early Childhood Education. He also serves on the editorial board for Beyond Words Literary Magazine, as of 2023. His work can be found online, at bookshops like This Old Book in Grayslake, Illinois, The Book Table in Oak Park, Illinois & The Book Teller in Whitewater, Wisconsin, and elsewhere. Find Colby on Instagram: @theflade and visit his website

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