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Beyond Words Magazine, Issue 4, June 2020

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Order physical copies of our June edition! Sixty pages full of art and creativity! Beyond Words is an international literary magazine published monthly. We feature short stories and poems and run creative writing competitions. Beautiful visual artwork comes along with the texts.

Writers: Andrew Knechel, Madalyn Rymer, Collin Berry, Luke Otley, Hayes Jumper, Christian McCulloch, Adele Peng, Lisa Burdige, Lael Cassidy, Karian Markos, Peter Lilly, Stuart Terman, Ty Halton, Iziah Thompson, Maree Gallop, Frank Modica, Seth Gleckman, Rebecca Wener, Jocelyn Ulevicus, Emanuelle Carey, David Cook, Tammy Tamkin, Traci Musick, Maggie Gale and J Brooke

Visual artists: Alex Nodopaka (cover art), Elaine Person, Iris Gildea, Cheri Glover, Jamie Lewis Holt, Priscilla Karen David, Karen Burnette Garner, Fabio Coruzzi, Emogene Cataldo, Van Lanigh, Judy Giovangelo, E.K.P. Norman, Dr. Pallavi Narayan, Rachel Elam, Samantha Van Heest, Georgia Reash, Danielle Winger, Megan Lea, Elizabeth Coetzee, Gayle Kirschenbaum, Zack Carroll, Laurie-Lynn McGlynn, Melanie Faith, Shannon Kernaghan, Anthony Afairo Nze, Gerburg Garmann, Alina Ananyeva, Sabrina Jovic, Skylar Guidroz and Tara Anne Cronin

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