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Beyond Words Literary Magazine, Issue 48, June 2024

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Beyond Words Magazine - June 2024 Edition (Issue 48) features works by writers Kevin Gould, Courtney Edwards, Jericho Hockett, Susan Kay Anderson, Alyx Chandler, Tom Schmidt, Brenda Covarrubias, Jodi Morton, Susan Haifleigh, Shelley Stoehr, Lina Buividavičiūtė, Adrian Fleur, Caitlin Featherstone-Priester, Bruce Magnotti, James Carpenter, Lizzie Brooks, Lenora Steele, Hannah Horcha, Sabine Chishty

Contributing visual artists: Patricia Cannon (cover art), Heidi Kelleher, Edwin Kang, Holly Willis, Tamara Gray, Laura Cleary Williams, Donglin Song, MJ Okawa, Paul Festa, Kelly Sargent, Betsy Beckerman, Ivana Tovilla-Bátiz, Susan Lasater, Tina Hudak, Tiffany Dugan, Bruce Magnotti, Lior Locher, Gregory Hendren, Chris D'Errico, Tiffany Tuchek, Miklos Legrady, Alex Rojas

Editor: Gal Slonim

Editorial Board: Kelly Sargent, Callum Foulds, Diliana Stoyanova, K.D. Zwierz, Colby Flade, Erin Challenor, Noah Evan Wilson, Candi Martin, Brian "Brie" Sheridan, Roberta Laurie, Sam Burt

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