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Beyond Words Literary Magazine, Issue 47, May 2024

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Beyond Words Magazine - May 2024 Edition (Issue 47) features carefully curated literary works that go together with beautiful visual art from creatives around the globe.

Featured writers: Francis Flavin, Cathy Brigden, Ewen Glass, Homa Mojadidi, Cristina Leavitt, Lina Buividavičiūtė, Pamela Butler, Joshua Skinnell, Emmy White, Andreea Sepi, Dick Altman, Roshan Taneja, Audrey Towns, Elle Cantwell, Rebecca Evans, Nicola Caroli.

Featured visual artists: Brett Masterson (cover art), Joanna Giddens, Albert Rock, Mari Honma, Karah Tull, Ron Theel, Bradley Pattison, Colleen Bugg, John Richardson Butler, Michelle Walsh, Hayley Roussel, Marina McKay, Gilmore Tamny, Shawn Marshall, Aleks Crossan, Tiffany Dugan, Kristine Narvida, Tiffany Tuchek, Chrystal Phan

Editor: Gal Slonim

Editorial Board: Kelly Sargent, Callum Foulds, Diliana Stoyanova, K.D. Zwierz, Colby Flade, Erin Challenor, Noah Evan Wilson, Candi Martin, Brian "Brie" Sheridan, Roberta Laurie, Sam Burt

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