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Beyond Words Literary Magazine, Issue 37, June 2023

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The 37th issue of Beyond Words, the international magazine of word & image, features selected prose, poetry and visual art pieces. The winners of our shelter-themed 250-word creative writing challenge also appear in this edition.

Edited by Gal Slonim

Editorial Board: Kelly Sargent, Callum Foulds, Diliana Stoyanova, K.D. Zwierz

Writers: Dan Hardy, Diane de Anda, Nicole Powers, Marion Brown, Matt Comito, Ervin Brown, Richard W. Tutt, John Peter Beck, Rabia Ashraf, Amy Claire Massingale, Dick Altman, Sankara Olama-Yai, Geoffrey Reilly, Laurie Hollman, Patricia Cannon, Ron Theel, James Sigismonti, Peter Stokes, Nadia Barghout Brown, ShivaRJoyce, Roberta Laurie, Răzvan Ursuleanu, Ruthie Yudelson, Diána Bósa.

Visual artists: Robert Contreras (cover art), Tiffany Tuchek, Chris D'Errico, Mary-Jo Adjetey, Yildiz Grodowski, Lisa Cantwell, Kathrine Cays, Ethan Tague, Constance McCoy (aka Granny C), Stephanie Krist, Alexandra Rigores, Katherine K Brupbacher, Ruta Matuleviciute, Heather Marie Dickens, Pamela Viggiani, Heather Thomas, Karen Fitzgerald, Kristine Narvida, Ellie Page, Hart Broudy, Marcella Simon, Celena Amburgey, Lou Storey, John Ballou, Kenneth Waxman, Jessica Licata, Virginia Gott, Brian Keane, Ciara Froning, Ashly Buck, Adeet Deshmukh, Annie Guldberg, Nina Paulovicova, Gilmore Tamny, Michelle Spiziri, Bella Kantor.

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