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Beyond Words Literary Magazine, Issue 28, July-August 2022

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The 28th edition of Beyond Words Literary Magazine features s collection of poetry, short non-fiction and fiction as well as visual artwork from around the world.

Writers: Kaleb Lavender, Abbey Lynne Rays, Olivia Loccisano, Sylvia Foster, Joanne L. DeTore, Jeana Mahan, Dick Altman, Diane de Anda, Cristina DeSouza, Gabriel McLeod, Kimberly Bella, Ellen Skilton, Emma CrowE, Lisa Delan, Diane Wilbon Parks, Chase Cate, Kelly Mary McAllister, Lael Cassidy, Lea Rabaron, Olivia Rose Umstead and Sophie Caulton

Visual art: Svetlana Wunnenberg (cover), Bronwen J Carson, Mia Holberg, Nicole Cullinan, allison anne, Paula DeStefanis, Tania, Ernst Perdriel, Alison Cimmet, Johanna Porter, Mark Rosalbo, Max Stewart, Jennifer Claire Smith, Annie Wood, Chris D'Errico, Olivia Boomhower, Jeni Prescott, George L Stein, Paula Di Marco, Griffin Cordell, Sheree Stewart Combs, Kala, Robin Young, Julia Purdy, Jolene Armstrong, Elaine Butler and Claire Gordon

Editor: Gal Slonim

Editorial Board: Kelly Sargent

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