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Beyond Words Literary Magazine, Issue 24, March 2022

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The March 2022 edition of Beyond Words Magazine (Issue 24) features a selection of poems and short stories, along with visual art. It also includes the winning works of our THE SELFIE 250-word creative writing challenge.

Editor: Gal Slonim

Editorial Board: Kelly Sargent

Writers: Kevin Zwierzchaczewski, Linda Laderman, Dick Altman, Mark Williams, Rita Malenczyk, Indigo Hallett, Peter Coe Verbica, Allyssa Haygood-Taylor, Ayomide Bayowa, Allison A. deFreese, James Morehead, Isaac Murphy, Danielle Selber, Chava Evans, Rosaura Garcia Godinez, Emrie Oliver, Salem Paige, Kat Stubing, Gabrielle Fiedor, J Allison, Meghan Robins, Robert E. Ray, Maya Sood.
Visual artists: Ernst Perdriel (cover art), Julia Purdy, Elaine B. Chao, Yvonne Rojas-Cowan, Kala, Mark Rosalbo, Joy Kloman, Michael Day, Roberta Berman, Xiao He, Nicole Jones, Angela Ruth D'agostino, Christian McCulloch ('WART'), Constance McCoy (Granny C), Mary Morgan, Beth Crawford, Sarah Balsley, Dina Fachin, Heather Nichole O'Brien, Johanna Porter, Lou Storey, Phoebe Barnes Stone, Shelbey Leco, Blandine Broomfield.
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