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Beyond Words Literary Magazine, Issue 19, October 2021

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The October 2021 edition of Beyond Words includes a selection of literary works: poetry, fiction and non-fiction, along with exciting visual artwork.

Editor: Gal Slonim
Readers: Jade Allen, Karen Ankers, Alyssa Katz, Celeste Pepitone-Nahas
Writers: Peter Coe Verbica, Aditi Ramaswamy, Benjamin Rose, Iggy Oddity, Brian John Feehan, Caleb Gearty, Charise M. Hoge, D.R. James, Nola Prevost, Daniela Dragas, David Blumenfeld, Dick Altman, Jackson D. Smith, Nicole Lai, Keith Huettenmoser, Steve Sphar, Lisa Molina, Jennifer B. Hill, Alex Alexandre, Karen Kilcup, Joan Halperin, Mathew Goldberg and Melvin Sterne
Visual artists: Laura Eppinger, Rita Malenczyk, Rachel Coyne, GJ Gillespie, Christian McCulloch, Sharon Matusiak, Nazanin Karbalaei, Justin Snyder, Betsy Beckerman, GB Clarkson, Parisa Karami, Iumi Richard-Crow, Keith Edwards, Taylor Moon, Bonnie Matthews Brock, Max Stewart, Christine Williams, Kelly Sargent, Robert Klewitz, Mary Liza Hartong, Cassandra Rockwood Ghanem, Belle Pace, Jeremy Gibson and Cathy Shang
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