Beyond Queer Words: A Collection of Short Stories

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A collection of twenty-one LGBTQ+ themed short stories by writers from the community. The stories cover many aspects of queer life, such as: self-acceptance, coming out, identity formation, homo-/lesbo-/transphobia, same-sex dating and romantic relationships, aging and loneliness. Each story goes together with some beautiful visual artwork.
Edited by Gal Slonim. Editorial Board: Nicholas Higginson and Dean Drinkel. Introduction: Dylan Ward.
Writers: Tahnee Jones, Renee Boyer, Liza Rose, Rebecca Portela, J. R. Jamison, Alex Pieroni, Philip Harris, Luke Markinson, Brian Sheridan, Donovan Bridgeman, Frank DiPalermo, James Evan Burroughs, Erin MacKenzie, D. S. Davis, Erin Riley, Jeremy Schnotala, Michael Handrick, Paulina Pinsky, Thomas McLean, Phong Huynh and Dean Drinkel.
Visual artists: Grace Plimpton-Sims, Nisha Patel, Betsy Jenifer, Harri Aburrow-Newman, Anna Ryabtsov, Kateryna Bortsova, Vicente Ortiz Cortez, Emily Iris Degn, Caroline Meehan, Sandeep Shete, Timothy Philips, Annie Dawid, Cassandra Hamilton, Oliver Bliss, Eliot Claire, Van Lanigh, John Waiblinger, Jordan Mejias, Mackenzie Thorpe, Trevor Eichenberger, Alahna Alvé.

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