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Beyond Queer Words (2023) - A Collection of Stories

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The 2023 Edition of Beyond Queer Words is finally here!

Following the success of our previous editions, we are delighted to present the brand new Beyond Queer Words. The book has been, is and will always be a welcoming stage for queers and allies to express themselves through creative writing and visual art. A diversity of voices and styles characterize our artistic anthologies where top quality texts are matched with breathtaking photography, collages, drawing and paintings.

Cover art by David Szauder

Writers: Pixie Willo, Jonathan Odell, Anthony Raymond, Michael Whistler, Jobert E. Abueva, Amanda Suckow, Stephen Watson, Edward Jackson, Kevin Joseph Reigle, Zachary Roybal, Noreia Rain, Mathew Picken, Samuel E. Cole, Robin Kish, Akhil Mulgaonker, Meg Heim, Jacob Lopez, Jael Montellano, Melissa McKinney, Alisha Waldrop, Kes Maro, Thomas J Misuraca, Elaine Bennett, Douglas Moser, Elise Konya

Visual artists: Stevie Billow, Lou Storey, Lucas P. Boyle, Trevor Eichenberger, Carlos Deleon, Steven Pennett, Sheree Rayford, Kala, Dani Torrent, Mark J. Richards, Chris D'Errico, Xue’er Gao, Emily Kirby, GJ Gillespie, Danny Keith, Kohlben Vodden, Labdhi Shah, Jae Casella, Jessica Licata, Elizabeth Baxmeyer, Haley Barclay, Olive Hoskins, Federico Bonacorso, Alison Cimmet

Editor: Gal Slonim
Editorial Board: Emma McNamara, Edward Cohen

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